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Gypsy Book 1 / Arranged by Assi Rose

A Cosmic journey around the of world folk music.

A must collection of songs for every Accordionist – with famous Western Classic, Russian, Italian, Balkan, Jewish, French, Irish and more – Designed to be played instantly, also for complete beginners and also for those who cannot yet read music – with simplified chords, easy to understand left hand rhythm patterns, notes indicated for the right hand, simple arrangements, clear design – in other words: Heaven

Flip through the Preview E-book here:

  • Notations are marked with the A B C names
  • Gypsy fingerings are designed to show you how to run up and down on the keyboard easily
  • simplified chords help you get the general composition pattern and learn the structure by heart
  • virtual metronome with left hand basic groove pattern is designed to sink both hands on the beat
  • clear notations , special method without extra academic rules designed to make your journey smooth & simple

14 world music compositions:

1.  Morenica – Sephardic (Jewish/Arab)

2.  Los Biblicos – Sephardic (Jewish/Arab)

3.  Bolero – Classical western composition

4.  Katyusha – Russian Folk

5. The Entertainer  – Ragtime from the early 1900’s

6. Bella Ciao – Italian folk song

7.  Lamma Bada – Arab Classical music

8. Koeobeiniki – Russian Theatre famous composition

9. Tumbalalika – Russian / Idish Folk song

10. Orchi Tchornie – Russian Gypsy Folk

11. Tarantella – Italian Gypsy Music from Napoli

12. Hungarian Dance – Classical western composition

13. Sherale (Kleyzmer Jewish folk)

14. Pirate Reel Dance – Traditional Celtic