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Learn how to play ‘Bolero’ with super easy score notation sheet for Piano both hands, Accordion & Solo instruments (Trumpet, Violin, Flute etc)

This Classical piece was composed by Ravel Maurice (France)

Boléro is a classical Western composition. It was composed in 1928 for a large orchestra

Later, Ravel arranged a version for two pianos, published in 1930.

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It is considered to be his most famous composition.[ It was also one of his last completed works before his death.
When composing this piece, Ravel based his new piece on the musical form and Spanish dance called “Bolero”.
Arrangements were made for piano solo and piano duet (for two players).

Learn how to play this song with a backing track playback with super easy guided notations


Learn to play this composition with easy & simplified notations for Piano on both hands. Note names are marked, clear design to help you and beginners to play the song instantly. Assi Rose Special Methods Unique Notation Layout.
Unlike the traditional ways, a peak into this will take you on the journey of finally understanding together with feeling the music at the same time.

Assi Rose Method Notation System

Bolero super easy notation sheet assi rose methods - kleyzmer gypsy european east balkan russian gypsy music how to play learn chords bass lines on accordion

This unique super easy arrangement notation sheet is designed to achieve fast results. Suitable for all levels and also for those who cannot yet read standard notations.

• Large and clear design.
• Note names are indicated including octaves.
• Virtual rhythm metronome
• Synchronisation between both hands
• Flats and sharps are indicated
• without curves or other academic symbols
• Super easy chord arrangements
• Fingers arrangements indicated

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