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Balkan music is the traditional music from the Balkan regions who speak Slavic languages, influenced by Turkish& Russian music as well as “Gypsy” music known as the ‘Romani’ people who were mistakenly called “Gypsies” as a knick name for “Egyptians”. Local communities in those days used to think that because of their dark skin those people came from Egypt or North Africa but they actually originate from India. The Indian “Gypsies” were musical tribes who wondered around Asia to entertain Turkish royalty during the times of the Turkish Empire. Those musical tribes continued the father to son teachings of Indian classical music and were influenced by European instruments. The blend between west & east as apparent in Balkan music thanks to the “Gypsies” who contributed scales and beats from Indian and adapted European instruments such as Brass, Violins, Accordions & Clarinets.

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