Gypsy Accordion Beginners Course
Master the basics
Play with a metronome
And learn how to improvise

The Gypsy Music Accordion Online School


Expose yourself to Gypsy Magic dust and learn to create it yourself – Take a tour and try some lessons.

“The Gypsy Way” teaching

Based on “Father to son “teachings.

Assi Rose Methods

Assi Rose has traveled for 15 years in different continents, studied and taught music, developed his unique ‘Assi Rose Methods‘ for Super fast results in order to dive into becoming a true musician who can feel music, play in time and learn how to improvise. All the rest is Intellectual matters one could complete in his life journey as a music lover, just like trying new instruments one can try to learn how to read music – All this is good as long as you or your musician friends do not skip the basics: To become a REAL MUSICIAN who has his own unique sound, who can play slow & fast, loud and soft, Legato and Stacato, can make people sleep or dance, cry or laugh – Just like a Magician – A Musician can control sound and the effect it has on the environment and on people – does it open their heart? does it make them breath? Is it Healing or is it creating some headache? Is it annoying or is it comforting? is it pleasant or what? There is a lot of work to be done to reach this Masterhood, but hey – now we know there is a way, let Assi Rose show you the path, in fact he will take you hand in hand and feed you with a silver spoon, give you golden tricks and secret techniques , he will open the door into a new world waiting for you out there – and guess what , its super easy, but its up to you to follow the steps, take those steps seriously because they seem easy you know.