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Master classes for beginners and advance musicians: Learn the basics and improve your playing. Learn composition & improvisation - Take a short cut in music study and learn the 'Gypsy Way' like the 'Father to son' merhods used in East Europe until today. Get the tips, the tricks and the little magic secrets one needs to become a 'Real Musician'

Choose the songs you love.
Suitable for all levels.
Pop songs or Jazz Standards,
World folk or Jazz,
Classical compositions,
Moview soundtracks and more...

Special method.
Suitable for all levels.
Super easy notations,
Wide collection of tunes,
Easy chords charts,
Special Design

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Accordion Players - this book is for you

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Gypsy Accordion Course:
'Eleven golden rules for improvisation'

Improvisation is creation on the go.
That is a new level of musicianship.
Tips & tricks,
Golden rules with personal coaching.

Become a magician,
Create new music,
Change music that already exists. Discover your inner gypsy sound,
Create & surprise yourself.

About the Method Creator

Hello, my name is
Assi Rose and I developed super cool notation sheet methods

I started playing the Classical Academic style Piano at age 7. That was pretty demanding and in many ways: Uncool. It took me a long time to enjoy my playing and that was after many years of classical sonatinas and Minuets.  But when I was 12 , I stopped my Piano studies and started learning the Accordion with a Gypsy Russian Teacher.  That was a game changer as I started enjoying music studies. I learned Polkas, Folk, Bossanova, Tango and what not. From that point on I was exposed to new styles of music, that made me go back to the piano to learn Rags , Jazz & Pop Music.  I got inspired to learn more instruments and by the Age of 18 I was playing Saxophone & Guitar. I played in different bands and youth orchestras and gained lots of experience observing music arrangements & Live productions.  As an adult i traveled the world for 15 years to explore world music, I studied flamecno guitar in Spain, traveled to India to learn Ragas and Indian instruments, traveled to Bali , Mexico, Hawaii & East Europe. In London I graduated Goldsmith University and became a Music Teacher, during that time I was exposed to Afro Cuban music. These days I am based in Zfat (Israel) learning Turkish , Sephardic & Arab music. During my time as a teacher I was exposed to all kinds of students: Adults , Teens & young children – I realised there is more then one way to teach. In my world travels I witnessed the ‘Father to Son’ teaching methods. All that inspired me to create different music methods for different instruments and for different levels.