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About the Method Creator

Hello, my name is
Assi Rose and I developed super cool notation sheet methods

I started playing the Classical Academic style Piano at age 7. That was pretty demanding and in many ways: Uncool. It took me a long time to enjoy my playing and that was after many years of classical sonatinas and Minuets.  But when I was 12 , I stopped my Piano studies and started learning the Accordion with a Gypsy Russian Teacher.  That was a game changer as I started enjoying music studies. I learned Polkas, Folk, Bossanova, Tango and what not. From that point on I was exposed to new styles of music, that made me go back to the piano to learn Rags , Jazz & Pop Music.  I got inspired to learn more instruments and by the Age of 18 I was playing Saxophone & Guitar. I played in different bands and youth orchestras and gained lots of experience observing music arrangements & Live productions.  As an adult i traveled the world for 15 years to explore world music, I studied flamecno guitar in Spain, traveled to India to learn Ragas and Indian instruments, traveled to Bali , Mexico, Hawaii & East Europe. In London I graduated Goldsmith University and became a Music Teacher, during that time I was exposed to Afro Cuban music. These days I am based in Zfat (Israel) learning Turkish , Sephardic & Arab music. During my time as a teacher I was exposed to all kinds of students: Adults , Teens & young children – I realised there is more then one way to teach. In my world travels I witnessed the ‘Father to Son’ teaching methods. All that inspired me to create different music methods for different instruments and for different levels.