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Katyusha- Super Easy Accordion Notation Sheet

A Russian folk song from the first world war

It’s the Russian Patriotic folk song, also known as a Soviet Army March , translated to Hebrew קטיושה and became an Israeli folk & dance folk song

KATYUSHA – is Named after a woman, yes it’s a love song.
Later the Soviets named a weapon after this name.
The song’s lyrics became relevant during the Second World War, when many Soviet men left their wives and girlfriends to serve in World War II. The theme of the song is that the soldier will protect the Motherland and its people while his grateful girl will keep and protect their love.
It was composed by Matev Blunter in 1938, the original Russian Lyrics by Mikhail Isakovsky.
The song is about a Russian woman called Katyusha. Standing on a steep riverbank, she sends her song to her beloved, a soldier serving far away.

This composition is very simple: The beat is based on the 4 on 4 count, A Polka style on the key of Dm.

Super easy friendly sheet music for Accordion

This unique super easy arrangement notation sheet is designed to achieve fast results. Suitable for all levels and also for those who cannot yet read standard notations.
• Large and clear design.
• Note names are indicated including octaves.
• Virtual rhythm metronome
• Synchronisation between both hands
• Flats and sharps are indicated
• without curves or other academic symbols
• Super easy chord arrangements
• Fingers arrangements indicated

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