Lesson 3 – The full C major scale ( 8 notes)

The eight note major scale is called a full scale.
We start with the root note and end on the same note , but an octave higher. The distance between
the root note C and the high C is called an Octave. in other words: An octave is the distance
calculated between the 1st value of the scale (The C note in this case) and the 8th value of the
scale (High C in this case). Both notes are called C but one sounds lower and the other sounds
higher , As if the trombone is playing a C note the sounds low, and a flute is also playing a C note
but it sounds higher.
In this lesson we will learn how to use our five fingers. Because 3 + 5 = 8 we will use our first three
fingers to play the first three notes, and then we will bring the thumb (1st finger) up to the 4th
value of the scale and play five more notes with the five fingers as we go up the scale. Notice, we
must go down the scale in the exact same format: Five notes go down first, once you reach the
thumb , take the third finger (cross over) and finish the scale going down with the three fingers.

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