Beginners Gypsy Lesson 2 – Half of the C Minor scale (Pro Zone)

In this lesson we will learn the minor scale. yes, this lesson will probably be very easy as
well. but today you will crack the idea behind what is the difference between major and minor.
The major scale sounds like military or circus music, also used for children’s music, it has a
happy sound while the minor scale sounds sad, melancholic, also spiritual, and romantic. The only
difference between the two scales is all about one single note. – the 3rd value of the scale.
The minor scale is a new/different version of the major scale. Instead of the happy/ military
the sound we will now hear a romantic/sad/melancholic / heart feeling atmosphere.
The difference between the minor and the major is all about the 3rd note. the third value of the
Instead of the E note we played on the Major scale, the 3rd note of the minor scale will be a black
note on the piano keys, it’s called Eb (E flat). The difference between the new note Eb and the
normal E (we have on the major scale) is called half a tone.
Half a tone is the distance between a black and a white note (it also appears in between  E & F
and between B and C). So in other words, the difference between the major and the minor scale is all
about the halftone difference on the 3rd value of the scale: instead of playing E, we play Eb.
The Eb is actually half a tone down from E. In other words, in order for a major scale to become a
minor scale, we need to lower the 3rd note (E in this case) half a tone down. I hope you understand
this, as it is super important, it is the golden rule, this rule applies to other keys (for example the

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