Lesson 2- Playing rhythm patterns on the root note only (Public Zone)

Let’s have some fun and start improvising!!!!

Most students think about what notes should they play, this thought can occupy your brain, could raise the fears of not knowing what to play when and how. In real time situation it may create a ‘Black out’ effect: we may freeze. oops… oh no

I will cover possible options of what to play in the next lessons, but even if you don’t know what to play there are many things that can be done, sometimes with only one note. In this lesson two- I will show you the power of one notes only – what happens if it is played in different rhythm patterns and how it could be connected to the melody or to our improvisation section. Of course if you can master one note you can later master more note combinations – but first, before we freeze, before we get a ‘Black out’ lets start with only one note – the Root note – that is the first note of the scale, this note name is also the name of the chord related to the scale for example- the root note d is related to the scale of d major or minor and is also related to the chord of D or Dm.

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