Music Theory Lesson 1 Level 1- Five notes of the major scale (Public Zone)

Learn the Gypsy Way – Father to Son style teachings

Dive into the real thing, skip the elementary “western” academy and receive a golden spoon with the basic “Father to Son” knowledge. Learn the Gypsy scales, Gypsy fingerings, adopt the exotic style, develop the feel, discover the tricks, play together with a metronome, play super cool songs & learn how to improvise

In Course number 1 we will cover the basic C Major scale, and The Gypsy C Major scale – This easy method is designed to open up the “Father to Son” style learning , very different from the Academic way of covering theory, The “Gypsy way” is designed to wake up your musical scenes: Sense of Rhythm and “Musical Ear Training” to help you reach faster results in your learning journey and also to help you “Crack” songs faster, make them sound like your unique style you may develop along the way – and the most important thing: Improvise while you play or insert improvisation sections to the songs you choose to play. Good luck, try the lessons and find out if it works for you.

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