The Pink Panther (Right Hand) Free zone open to the public

Welcome to the Pink Panther Super Easy Accordion Study – let’s take it step by step, line by line, Starting with the right hand so we can get familiar with the composition and the correct fingerings.

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The Pink Panther is one of the most famous Jazz compositions featuring in movies and animation series.

The lyrics in this study were written by Assi Rose, for you to add your voice as you play – this will also improve your sence of rhythm , it will help you remember the song by heart and along the way it will also develop your singing, just in case you thought about improving your voice or have a general voice therapy (Highly recommended). Enjoy, Good Luck. Keep practicing for a few days or weeks before you go to the next level for both hands.

Hope you enjoyed the SUPER EASY Assi Rose Methods. Would you like to continue and play BOTH HANDS?

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