Setting Free Ringtones as Background Music

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Convert to the Appropriate Format:
Ensure that your chosen ringtone is in a compatible audio format, such as MP3. If it’s not in the correct format, you can use audio conversion software or apps to convert it.
Upload to a Music Player:
Upload the converted ringtone to a music player app on your device. Most smartphones come with a default music player, but you can also choose from various music apps available on app stores.
Set the Ringtone as a Playlist or Track:
In your music player app, create a playlist that includes the ringtone or set it as a separate track in your music library.
Adjust Volume and Repeat Settings:
Before you start using the ringtone as background music, adjust the volume to your liking. You can also set the track to repeat if you want continuous playback.

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tonospara celulartonospara celular answered 9 months ago

from there you can Set free tonos para celular as background music