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Yesterday -Super Easy notations for Accordion

how to play yesterday on Accordion Assi rose method super easy notations

Learn how to play ‘Yesterday’ on Accordion

The Beatles are probably the all time most famous band in the world, and the song ‘Yesterday’ is probably the all time most famous song in the world, by the Beatles.

This song, written mostly by Paul, was one of his old songs he never finished, the Beatles joked about it and called it the silly song because it was called: “Scrambled Eggs” and it went like this: Scrambled eggs, oh my God you have such sexy legs… and later the title & Lyrics changed, and became this huge hit we all know today.

So if you’d like to learn this song you may want to check the easy notations with easy chords in this site.

A ‘Golden key’

Assi Rose Method Notation System

This unique super easy arrangement notation sheet is designed to achieve fast results. Suitable for all levels and also for those who cannot yet read standard notations.
• Large and clear design.
• Note names are indicated including octaves.
• Virtual rhythm metronome
• Synchronisation between both hands
• Flats and sharps are indicated
• without curves or other academic symbols
• Super easy chord arrangements
• Fingers arrangements indicated

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