Accordion or Piano Gypsy Ebook 1


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The Gypsy Book 1

A Cosmic journey around world folk music.

This book is designed to be played in a Gypsy Style for improvisation, left hand different groove creation.

The notes and the chords are simplified to get a basic idea of each song for fast results and for a basic reference for advance students to make the complex alternations independently.

This book is perfect also for beginners who need to work on the basic left hand groove to sink with the simple right hand notations and for advance who can take the skeleton of the songs to other levels.

  • Notations are marked with the A B C names
  • Gypsy fingerings are designed to show you how to run up and down on the keyboard easily
  • simplified chords help you get the general composition pattern and learn the structure by heart
  • virtual metronome with left hand basic groove pattern is designed to sink both hands on the beat
  • clear notations , special method without extra academic rules designed to make your journey smooth & simple


14 world music compositions:

1.  Morenica – Sephardic (Jewish/Arab)

2.  Los Biblicos – Sephardic (Jewish/Arab)

3.  Bolero – Classical western composition

4.  Katyusha – Russian Folk

5. The Entertainer  – Ragtime from the early 1900’s

6. Bella Ciao – Italian folk song

7.  Lamma Bada – Arab Classical music

8. Koeobeiniki – Russian Theatre famous composition

9. Tumbalalika – Russian / Idish Folk song

10. Orchi Tchornie – Russian Gypsy Folk

11. Tarantella – Italian Gypsy Music from Napoli

12. Hungarian Dance – Classical western composition

13. Sherale (Kleyzmer Jewish folk)

14. Pirate Reel Dance – Traditional Celtic




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