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Tumbalalaika (Yiddish/Russian folk) Super easy friendly sheet music for Accordion


This unique super easy arrangement notation sheet is designed to achieve fast results. Suitable for all levels and also for those who cannot yet read standard notations.
• Large and clear design.
• Note names are indicated including octaves.
• Virtual rhythm metronome
• Synchronisation between both hands
• Flats and sharps are indicated
• without curves or other academic symbols
• Super easy chord arrangements
• Fingers arrangements indicated

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This is A Jewish traditional song from the Yiddish culture originated in Russia. It is a love song. Tum is the Yiddish word for “sound” and Balalaika is a stringed musical Russian instrument, very similar to a Mandolin or to a Bouzouki.

The lyrics:

Shteyt a bokher, un er trakht
Trakht un trakht a gantse nakht
Vemen tzu nemen un nit farshemen
Vemen tzu nemen un nit farshemen

Tumbala, Tumbala, Tumbalalaika
Tumbala, Tumbala, Tumbalalaika
Tumbalalaika, shpil balalaika
 (also Shpil balalaika), freylekh zol zayn

Meydl, meydl, kh’vil bay dir fregn,
Vos ken vaksn, vaksn on regn?
Vos ken brenen un nit oyfhern?
Vos ken benken, veynen on trern?


Narisher bokher, vos darfstu fregn?
A shteyn ken vaksn, vaksn on regn.
Libe ken brenen un nit oyfhern.
A harts ken benken, veynen on trern.


Vos iz hekher fun a hoyz?
Vos iz flinker fun a moyz?
Vos iz tifer fun a kval?
Vos iz biter, biterer vi gal?


A koymen iz hekher fun a hoyz.
A kats iz flinker fun a moyz.
Di toyre iz tifer fun a kval.
Der toyt iz biter, biterer vi gal.



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