Eleven Golden rules for improvisation (Public Zone)

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Improve your technique

Become a great musician who can perform without fear.

Play the Accordion with pure confidence knowing that “everything will be alright” even if “something wrong happens”.

A real musician can improvise in any situation even when so called mistakes occur.

Take advantage of a so called mistake and create something unexpected. It will hide the mistake and will also take the music to another level. Surprise yourself, synchronise with the your heart, with the audience or with other musicians on stage.

I often hear that some musicians claim: I don’t know how to improvise. But sometimes I see students who just picked up the Accordion or any instrument and start improvising without fear.

The professional musicians may know more about composition, scales, notes & chords, but may have too much fear around music in other things: Confidence may be low, with a lack of musical freedom to play new things.

In this course I will teach how to add different things to your music, change the melodies, create tricks & effects that will boost your musical abilities, help you understand music from a new point of view.

All this will help you find your own unique sound so anything you play sound like you rather than trying to sound like a CD or like someone else.

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Also, this shift in understanding music give you an insight into composition. Now you will know how composers work to create master pieces. Improvisation is a composition done live on stage , in the studio or in your home, it is a live composition. This live musical journey is a mixture of knowing the theory of music and experimenting with sounds. It is a combination of knowing what to do and letting your self go. It is something that connects earth and sky, practicality and intuition. life is too short to waste only on practical things and correct agendas, it is time to loosen up, get your inspiration working, creativity flowing, time to surprise your self ! So let’s shift our musical abilities, make some interesting fresh music and have lots of fun doing it.

Eleven Rules Lesson 1 – Connecting a composition to a scale (Public Zone)

Lesson 2- Playing rhythm patterns on the root note only (Public Zone)

Lesson 3- The power of silence (Public Zone)

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